• Aaron Leighton

    Aaron Leighton

    A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, Aaron works as a freelancer whose long list of clients includes: Chronicle Books, The New York Times, and La Presse.

  • Jerrold Connors

    Jerrold Connors

    Jerrold is specializes in children’s media as an illustrator and writer. He is the author of Jiminy Kokopo’s Ukulele Sing and Strum Fun book -- a self-published ukulele instruction book for kids.

  • Eric Bort

    Eric Bort

    Eric Bort is the founder of Living Children Multimedia -- an interactive design firm based in Louisville, Kentucky. His engaging and educational games and activities have been featured in such publications as Communication Arts Interactive Design Annual and CMYK Magazine.

  • Torisu Koshiro

    Torisu Koshiro

    Torisu Koshiro is a visual artist currently living in Japan. He works in both print and animation with a range of clients that include: Centre Pompidou, The New Museum of Contemporary Art New York, Panasonic, and MTV Asia.

  • Craig Marshall

    Craig Marshall

    An animator and illustrator, Craig has received awards for his illustration from the Advertising and Design Club of Canada and international recognition from Annecy's Festival of Animation for Best Internet Short in 2003.

  • Trevor Van Meter

    Trevor Van Meter

    Trevor Van Meter is trapped in the void between PunkRock and LolliPops. When his isn't busy serving as a corporate hit man, he spends his leisure time moving objects with his mind. One day, he hopes to lift the entire planet above his head, just so he can spike it and do his trademarked victory dance®. YEA!

  • Yarek Waszul

    Yarek Waszul

    Yarek Is a polish born freelance illustrator based in Toronto. His clients include the New York Times, SEED Magazine, and the Walrus amongst others.

What's Flashcan?

Flashcan cards are interactive ecards that you build yourself. A slew of talented illustrators have created palettes of characters, text bubbles, and even animated bits for you to construct your own fun and unique ecards. You can send them to friends and foes alike — they will all marvel at your creative message, and may end up sending a card back at you with their own personal twist.

How To Participate

After playing around with some card designs, you may be itchin' to contribute your own artwork for flashcan cards. Send us an email with a link to your portfolio. The flashcan website is 100% self-promo goodness.


The flashcan system is used by the Toronto Public Library, Teletoon, Family Channel and others. Contact zinc Roe for more information.